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Thank You to the Staff at Oak Knoll Healthcare Center Thank you for your care and kindness while I was there to begin recuperating from a stroke I had on October 11, 2016...Whatever your role, thank you for your patience when I had a bad day...your strength when I didn’t have any, your encouragement when I had doubts, your “pep talks” when I was discouraged and needed them most, your sense of humor to add some laughs to the day (laughter is the best and cheapest medicine). Some of these may seem like little things to you, but they make the patient feel more like a person who matters instead of just the occupant of a specific bed. I miss your unique personalities now that I’m home. Thank you. I know you were looking out for my best interests while I was at Oak Knoll from October 18 through December 28, 2016. Carolyn S. Room 219B

Oak Knoll Healthcare Center

Deborah Pittman, PMHNP


Specialty: Physician Assistants / Nurse Practitioners

Haverhill, MA - The Whittier Pavilion

Deborah earned a diploma in nursing from Malden Hospital school of Nursing, a BSN from Kean University and a Masters in Psych-Mental Health Nursing from Rutgers University.  Her heart has been in psychiatric nursing since her first job in child-adolescent psych at McLean Hospital. Her focus is in direct care and she has worked in all areas of the mental health continuum including consultation-liaison, emergency room, partial hospitalization, outpatient, private practice and inpatient.  She has also taught in the undergraduate and graduate programs at University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ as well as Salem State University where she remains on faculty as an adjunct clinical instructor.  Working in the inpatient setting with a multidisciplinary team of professionals is what she loves and where she hopes to remain.

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Our Staff

Our professionals work 24-hours a day to provide the highest quality care. The staff represents a wide range of specialties, including physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers and nutritionists. Together they create a restorative program suited to individual needs and then work to maximize the potential of their patients each day of their stay.

Your physician, in conjunction with our interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, will develop an individual program of restorative care for you. It is our goal to provide all of our residents with an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

We have built our reputation on our quality nursing, medical and therapeutic team. The care and services they provide not only meet, but surpass state and federal guidelines.