We had a big send off last week as Dr. Malcolm Murdoch, one of the “pillars of BRN,” retired after 25 years of service at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford.

It was bittersweet day at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford when we bid a fond farewell to Dr. Malcolm Murdoch and thanked him for all his hard work as he embarked on his retirement.

When Malcolm Murdoch, MD, a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist, started with Whittier back in 1996, everyone was dancing the Macarena, and a new house cost only $118,200! But as much as things have changed since then, one thing has remained constant through the years: the skill, dedication, kindness and care that Dr. Murdoch exhibited to countless patients, families and staff on a daily basis.

All who attended his farewell party thanked him for the compassionate care he delivered and the difference he made – not only in so many patients’ lives, but also ours – the many employees that were touched by his kindness, and learned from his greatness.


We will miss you, Dr. Murdoch!

In the photos: (top) Dr. Liguori, Dr. Murdoch and Bob Iannaco; (middle) Dr. Murdoch, his family (wife Mary and daughter Katie), with Susan F., and Case Management; (bottom) Dr. Murdoch with Espie D., Diane S., and Melissa P.

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