Dear Hannah Duston Family, I call you “our family” because that is exactly what you have become! In two weeks you all became extremely important to my husband Dick, my children and especially to me because you cared for the one person we all need and the one person I pledged to honor, love and support till God wanted him back. I am so happy we are going home, but sad that I won’t be seeing all of you each day. It is what I have been praying for to have Dick come home but forgive me, it is for me a little bittersweet. Thank you Hannah Duston for all of this and so much more. We ask God's blessing on you all, Mrs. Richard N.

Hannah Duston Healthcare Center

Nursing Home Bookkeeper - up to $22/hour based on experience

Location: Haverhill, MA - Hannah Duston Healthcare Center

Category: Administrative/Office

Nursing Home Bookkeeper – up to $22/ hour based on experience
Part Time 24-30 hours / flexible hours

Primary Responsibilities include the following:
• Prepares and maintains time cards and time sheets. Processes time cards, codes time cards, coordinates sick and vacation time with request slips, FMLA and Worker’s Compensation.
• Calculates and records earnings and deductions, vacation, holiday, sick leave, authorized overtime, leave of absences and termination pay.
• Transmits payroll data to corporate office.
• Maintains group health insurance records.
• Establishes and maintains patients’ personal accounts, receives money from family, resident or Social Services, and deposits to aggregate account.
• Maintains ledger of each patient’s account.
• Prepares accounting quarterly statements, send out and files the return receipt.
• Maintains accurate resident accounts in regards to Medicare, Medicaid and private pay residents.
• Analyzes billings and submits appropriate statements to Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance companies or private paying entities.
• Prepares checks, invoices, vouchers and pays authorized bills.
• Performs monthly reconciliation of bank statements.
• Assists families with Medicaid applications and annual reviews.
• Assists attorneys/Medi-Planning Services organizations employed by patient family members with applications as needed.

• High School Graduate or G.E.D. with some Business/Accounting experience or courses preferred.
• Computer/spreadsheet experience preferred.
• Experience required.

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