Amber Abderrazzaq will be the first to admit that she did not know what to expect when she applied and interviewed at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital-Westborough. Two years later, she is thrilled with her decision. 

After learning about the LTAC unit and the acuity level of the patients, I was intrigued by the opportunity,” stated Amber. “I was also interested in the array of professional development and certifications offered.” The comprehensive orientation, professional development, and the opportunity to treat medically complex patients allowed her to grow professionally and experientially. 

Developing bonds with my patients from day one to the day they go home is very rewarding,” asserts Amber. Amber appreciates the opportunities for professional growth that Whittier offers, from continuing education in telemetry and IV therapy to advanced bedside procedures such as peritoneal dialysis, specialized wound care treatments, and blood transfusions. Amber appreciates the clinical professionals she works with. “Everyone works together as a tight-knit interdisciplinary team.” “The multiple therapy groups, respiratory team, wound care, and nursing teams work cohesively and respectfully to help each patient reach their goals. You will not find this level of bedside nursing in a large acute care hospital.” 

If you would like to have a rewarding career like Amber’s, click below to learn more about the difference YOU can make in our patients’ lives.

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