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, Everyone from the owners and the entire staff were incredible

This place saved our family from a very chaotic situation. My aunt, who had Down’s syndrome, was no longer capable of staying in a group home she resided in for almost twenty years. As her health deteriorated she needed one to one care. She bounced around quite a bit until we found Port. Everyone from the owners and the entire staff were incredible. Unfortunately, my aunt’s guardians decided to move her to a state operated group home to save money. She deteriorated quickly and passed away after three months. During her stay at Port, her functioning actually improves and we were able t spend some quality time with her before she was transferred to the state run group home. I would highly recommend Port.

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    Traci Aubin, OTR/L, Corporate Director of Business Development

    Whittier Health Network Traci Aubin, OTR/L Corporate Director of Business Development Specialty: Strategic Analyst for Business Development with Clinical expertise; Community Marketing; Admissions; Patient and Family advocate with a focus on customer service. Traci...

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    , Everyone from the owners and the entire staff were incredible

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