Masconomet Healthcare Center

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January 5, 2021
Masconomet Healthcare Center 123 High Street
Topsfield, MA

Letter of Appreciation

I have been a patient/resident at Masconomet Healthcare Center since mid July of 2020. I am pleased to write this letter of appreciation to the Staff for the care and support provided to me in my rehabilitation.

The nursing care has been very responsive and supportive. They have always been friendly, positive and caring. The first person I met here was CNA Carol. She has remained a loyal and dedicated employee whose primary purpose is the safety and care of the patients. All of the nurses (Jean, Debbie, Ann, Mary et al) have been professional and demonstrate the highest ideals of the profession, I know I am missing the names of many of the others in the Nursing Staff, but my intent is to praise them all.

I would be remiss if I did not also thank the housekeeping, maintenance and kitchen staff. The facility should be proud of the high standards they provide for the facility. While I am eager to return home, I will miss the friendly and professional staff.

I highly recommend Masconomet Healthcare Center for the care of family and friends.

David H.


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Whittier Health Network Traci Aubin, OTR/L Corporate Director of Business Development Specialty: Strategic Analyst for Business Development with Clinical expertise; Community Marketing; Admissions; Patient and Family advocate with a focus on customer service. Traci...

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