Port Healthcare Center
February 24, 2021
Job Type


Nursing Home Bookkeeper – Full Time

Free Covid-19 Vaccine clinics available to all employees

Primary Responsibilities include the following:
• Prepares and maintains time edit sheets and electronic punches. Processes time edits, coordinates sick, vacation FMLA and Worker’s Compensation time with request slips.
• Calculates and records earnings and deductions, vacation, holiday, sick leave, authorized overtime, leave of absences and termination pay.
• Transmits payroll data to corporate office, prepares payroll reports for Administrator to review and submits final report to the corporate office.
• Establishes and maintains patients’ personal accounts, receives money from family, resident or Social Services, and deposits to aggregate account.
• Collects money from family for private pay residents, Mass Health PPA, Social Security and co-payments and makes deposits to aggregate account.
• Maintains ledger of each patient need account.
• Prepares accounting quarterly statements for Patient Need Accounts
• Maintains accurate resident accounts in regards to Medicare, Medicaid and private pay residents.
• Analyzes billings and submits appropriate statements to Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance companies or private paying entities.
• Prepares checks, invoices, vouchers and pays authorized bills.
• Performs monthly reconciliation of bank statements.
• Works with families and Attorneys on Mass Health applications, submitting appropriate documentation to the state for review and keeping within deadlines.

• High School Graduate or G.E.D. with some Business/Accounting experience or courses preferred.
• Computer/spreadsheet experience preferred.
• At least 1 year experience working in a healthcare business office preferred.
• Must be computer proficient with knowledge of excel.
• Experience with payroll maintenance preferred (auditing time cards, entering sick and vacation).

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