Daniel’s House Nurses and Staff: My sisters and I would like to thank you for all the wonderful care that you all gave our mother for the last three years of her life. We must tell you that you all were great to her and we always felt comfortable when ever we came to see her, it was like having an extended family. The nurses were just fantastic with us when ever we had questions or concerns for mom, even though we knew at times we bothered you with something small or perhaps not as important to you as it was to us, you never let us know. We will always feel that we found a gem in Daniel’s House.

Daniels House Nursing Home

Whittier Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center

Whittier’s Analeasha-Livingston Awarded “CNA of the Year” by NYSHFA (NYS Health Facilities Association)!

We are very proud to announce that Analeasha Williams-Livingston, one of our 3-11 CNA’s on our Rehab Unit, was awarded the CNA of the Year Award by NYSHFA (NYS Health Facilities Association). This is a prestigious award for both Analeasha and the facility. The award ceremony will be on Tuesday May 7th during the NYSHFA/NYSCAL Annual Conference in Verona, NY. 
News of this award came soon after Analeasha had just won our internal ‘CNA of the Year’ award.

Analeasha is a rare gem of a CNA. She is always at work when scheduled, on time, with a bright smiling face on. She leads her co-workers on our Short-term Rehabilitation unit, providing the highest level of customer service. Every resident and family on the unit knows her and they look forward to seeing her, as she is perceived as the go-to person for any issue. Analeasha doesn’t complain about problems, she focuses on solutions and then implements the solutions to make any problem go away. She has won our “CNA of the Month” award and continues to get nominated regularly. 

Analeasha is also a leader in problem-solving major issues. When the local County requested that we stop flushing paper towel, treatment pads and other non-flushable items, she helped administration figure out why these items were being flushed and designed a new protocol to reduce the flushing of these items. She was happy to step up and discuss the issue with her fellow CNA’s, taking ownership of implementing the solutions that may have otherwise created conflict. It was because of Analeasha’s ownership of the solution and leadership in its implementation that we were able to implement the change.  

Analeasha is a fantastic CNA but she really is much more than this. During National Nursing Home Week, we had multiple programs and activities which engaged our residents and staff in different types of games. However, she really showed her energy and leadership when she dressed up as Tina Turner and won the top award with an impressive performance of ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It.’ Analeasha was clearly the crowd favorite and was very proud to be crowned the winner of the competition. 

Analeasha displays a positive attitude and dedication to her residents every day! We are extremely fortunate to have her on our team!

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