Dear Stacy: It’s difficult to find the right — or even enough — words to express how thankful my wife and I are for the wonderful care your staff provided to me during my recent month’s long recovery from bladder surgery. From Day 1 every single person with whom we came in contact treated us with respect, patience and kindness and always made us feel that my return to good health was really important to each of them! And, even on days when I took a little step backwards, along with professionalism, everyone brought cheer and even more encouragement...and this was from every level of your staff. It’s just really nice to be able to say, “If we had to go to rehab at any point in the future, Nemasket would be our first choice!” Thank you again for all that you and your staff have done for us! Yours truly, Russell L.

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Community-Based Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Program Achieves Excellent Outcomes Including Return to Work, Driving, Stroke Knowledge, And Other Rehabilitation Outcomes

Presenting their case study and findings this week are: Joan C. Breen, Jeanne Andrusin, Paula Fortuna, Julia Keenan, Juliette Rodriguez, Hannah Garth, Kathleen Martyn Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital, Haverhill, MA; Julie DiCarlo, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA.

Return to driving and employment are goals for many stroke survivors. There are few reports of patient centered outcomes including return to employment, driving, self-efficacy, functional outcomes, stroke knowledge or characteristics of patients who achieve these goals.

Our outcome data shows a community-based team rehabilitation program can successfully combine cardiovascular education and rehabilitation services to maximize patient centered outcomes including:
○ Return to work
○ Driving
○ Overall stroke recovery
○ Physical functioning
○ Stroke knowledge
○ Self efficacy

Of 103 patients working pre stroke, (50%) returned to work and an additional 6% were work capable upon completion of program. 79% of patients driving pre-stroke could not drive at time of admission. After training, 45% returned to driving.

For the complete study and data, download presentation poster here.

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