Dear Hannah Duston Family, I call you “our family” because that is exactly what you have become! In two weeks you all became extremely important to my husband Dick, my children and especially to me because you cared for the one person we all need and the one person I pledged to honor, love and support till God wanted him back. I am so happy we are going home, but sad that I won’t be seeing all of you each day. It is what I have been praying for to have Dick come home but forgive me, it is for me a little bittersweet. Thank you Hannah Duston for all of this and so much more. We ask God's blessing on you all, Mrs. Richard N.

Hannah Duston Healthcare Center

Updated 3/27: Whittier Health Network Response to COVID-19

UPDATED 3.27.2020
Please know that in this very scary and unnerving time, the health and well-being of our patients/residents and staff continue to be the utmost priority at Whittier Health Network. We know you’re concerned about COVID-19 and want to update you on steps we are taking to address it at our facilities. Please note that everything regarding COVID-19 is developing and changing rapidly so please check here for any updates. 

At this time, NO VISITORS are allowed at any Whittier facilities except in special circumstances, with the permission of the facility administrator and after the visitor has passed a screening. Please contact the facility administrator directly regarding any visitation requests.

•We continue to actively monitor the developing COVID-19 situation, including daily screening of our staff prior to beginning work.

•Like other healthcare facilities in Massachusetts, we have had certain patients at a few facilities test positive for COVID-19. As protocol requires, we have been in touch with DPH and will adhere to the directives they provide. We have been following and will continue to follow existing DPH and CDC COVID-19 guidance concerning appropriate testing and, as necessary, protection and quarantine of our employees and patients. We are administering extra monitoring of all patients and staff in facilities where there is a confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses.

If you need more information, please ask your Whittier facility - specific representative.  As the situation changes, we may take additional precautionary measures. Whittier Health Network appreciates your patience and support; we are taking these steps to protect all the loved ones who have come to us for care.  

For more information about COVID-19, please visit the CDC website, which is updated frequently. Here are some useful links from the CDC:

Please also visit:


1.If a patient/resident at Whittier facility shows symptoms of COVID-19, what steps does the facility take?
Answer: If possible, a patient/resident with known or suspected COVID-19 will be placed in a private room with their own bathroom and follow other isolation protocol. All persons treating these patients/residents will follow the latest CMS, DPH, and CDC standards and transmission based precautions.

2.Will Whittier notify me if my loved one is showing symptoms of, is being tested for, or has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
Answer: Whittier will notify the designated HCP upon any change in condition.

3.How does Whittier decide whether to treat a patient/resident with COVID-19 at the facility or transfer them to hospital? Will I get to choose where my loved one will be treated?
Answer: The attending physician will decide what level of care a patient/resident needs. Any patients/residents with symptoms requiring a higher level of care will be transferred to a hospital.

4.Will the same Whittier employees be treating patients/resident who have COVID-19 or who are suspected to have COVID-19 and those patients/residents who do not?
Answer:  Whittier treats all patients consistent with our transmission based precautions policies, but it is possible that employees may treat both patients/resident who have COVID- 19 or who are suspected to have COVID-19 and those who do not.

5.Is Whittier taking any additional steps to keep patients/residents safe and stop the spread of COVID-19 in facilities where there are confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses?
Answer: Whittier follows the latest CMS, DPH, and CDC standards and transmission based precautions. Restrictions have been implemented regarding all visitation (except certain compassionate care situations), and volunteers and non-essential healthcare personnel. Group activities and communal dining have been canceled. All staff are screened prior to their shift and patients are monitored daily for any signs/symptoms.


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