I just had to add to this questionnaire. I can’t not say enough regarding my stay at Whittier. I was in room 210A. Your employees are the best: Joyce, Agnes, Charity, Grace, Jennifer, Sue, Kim and Lisa, just to name a few. My doctor was truly concerned about my condition following hip replacement surgery. He was in contact with my surgeon on more than one occasion trying to figure out what the problem was. The girls in PT were great! The meals were excellent and housekeeping went the extra mile for me. Thank you for the care provided to speed up my recovery. This is the first time in 3 years that I am without pain, and it’s wonderful.

Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford

Whittier Health Network

A huge thank you to all the generous donors who have provided PPE for our dedicated employees.

The support that Whittier has received during this difficult time has been amazing. We appreciate every donation and are so grateful for the generous donors who have made it possible for us to continue to provide necessary PPE for all of our dedicated employees who are tirelessly caring for residents and patients at the Whittier facilities.

Special thanks go to:

• Ocean State Job Lot in Westborough and Marlborough who gave generous discounts on PPE materials;

• Staples who donated laminating sheets for face shields;    

• Matthew Vandemark of CellBlock FCS who donated re-useable N95 masks and sanitizer;

• Vibra Healthcare who donated 500 face shields;

• Tom Peters from Mid-State Building and Remodeling in Shrewsbury who donated N95 masks;

• Anil Penikelapati who donated KN95 masks and disinfectant spray;

• ThermoFab in coordination with Avidia Bank who generously donated over 500 KN-95masks, and 400 surgical masks;

• Sperry Sails in Marion, who donated re-usable protective masks;

• The Ken Lysik family who donated N-95 masks and gloves;

• Yama Zakura, the Northboro restaurant, who donated hand sanitizer;

• The Andrea Casinetti Group of Shrewsbury who donated masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes;

• Kelly Horn who donated N-95 masks;

•Janeen and Rob Cox who donated N-95 masks;

• Jennifer Dinardo RN who donated gloves;

• Ivy Ngoc Hoag and Hang Troung who donated hand sanitizer, gloves, cloth masks, and surgical masks;

• The Golden Word Group who donated masks and gloves;

• Sewa International who donated cloth masks and N95 masks;

• Kate Garth who donated surgical masks;

• Dark Monk who donated face shields;

• Borobot, Old Colony High School who donated face shields;

• Fraen Corporation who donated face shields;

• Essex Tech who donated face shields;

• Sophia Liguori who donated masks;

• MasksOn who donated reusable, sanitizable emergency masks;

• Uxbridge Dental Center who donated masks;

• Sarah Derosario, RN who donated gloves, masks and goggles;

• Fabrizia Spirits who donated hand sanitizer; 

• Abby Mathieu, Karen Green, Kristen Schwenke, Liz Davis, Laura Wheeler, Kimberly Pendleton, Danielle Bergeron, Lori Girard, the group Shrewsbury Sew We Care, Heather Crump and Bree Dao, Lu Linda Tucker, Simone from Pikaboo Creations, MaryBeth Croci, Ceeds for Change, Mary Allen, Nancy Lillien, Katherine Knapp, Pat Sullivan Daigle, Katherine St. John, Julie Ambrose,  Lorraine Savoie, The Wright Realtor, Danielle Bergeron, Carly Starta, Robin Feigelman, Tricia Kennedy, North Shore Fabric Maks for Health Professionals - who all made masks.

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TOP 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Whittier

REASON #8 - Our compassionate staff, many of whom have worked for our facilities for over 15 years, are dedicated to providing high-quality care.