As the result of a minor auto accident, and some related illnesses, I was referred to the Whittier Rehabilitation Center. The quality of care that I received from the caring and highly trained staff of assistants, therapists, nurses and doctors made the critical difference in my recovery. They worked with my family and I to make my stay as productive and short as possible, and to prepare me to be independent when I returned home. I want to thank them publicly for all that they did for me. In particular, I want to extend my thanks to Dr. Alfred Arcidi and Leo Curtin, who clearly set the tone and the expectations for the quality of care. As a resident of Haverhill, I found Whittier to be an outstanding resource.”

Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford

Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital

Outpatient Re-opening

With the Governor’s announcement that Phase 2 of his four part reopening plan will take place on June 8th, many patients have been calling to restart outpatient therapy.  At this time, Massachusetts Department of Public Health is only allowing “rehabilitation for which delay would lead to significant worsening of condition and long term prognosis, for example, post stroke patients or severe traumatic injuries.”  Although we are anxious to re-open our doors to all patients, we must follow these guidelines until such time they broaden their criteria for outpatient.  We will be starting with what we have termed a “soft opening” to care for patients that fit this criteria.  DPH has ensured us that over the next few weeks, they will come out with guidance that will allow us to broaden our services.   There will also be strict screening requirements and safety protocols for all patients that will be explained to you upon your return.  

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time and we look forward to servicing you very soon.

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TOP 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Whittier

REASON #8 - Our compassionate staff, many of whom have worked for our facilities for over 15 years, are dedicated to providing high-quality care.