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, Thank you to all the staff that worked so hard to make my stay safe healthy and effective.

““I wanted to say thank you to all the staff that worked so hard to make my stay a safe healthy and effective in my transition from the hospital to home.

So many of the nurses and cna’s made me smile and encouraged me with their kindness, soft voices, pretty faces 😷from what I could see. Their compassion, professionalism and courage to work through all of the distractions is commendable. I would like to extend my heart felt thank you to two of the most compassionate that stood out amongst the rest. First was a cna by the name of Sylvia, thank you for your prayers, encouragement , compassion and love. By the last few days she became Saint Sylvia to me and I let everybody know about her. Lastly Laurie St. Laurent again another saint I became inspired by your determination to treat me like no other your graciousness, compassion, beauty and silly laugh were undeniably infectious. In such a short time I became to care deeply for you. I know in my heart you were the determining factor for my return home. After my worst last weekend before I left all I could think about was you returning to work so i could talk with you about what my goals were and how I needed your help to get home. I feel because you spent a little time to listen it became my determination that I needed to be home, knowing in doing so I would no longer be graced by your presence. You are not just working for a pay check you my dear have a special calling. I will never forget what you taught me about being present at all times with your patient, thank you again for gracing my life with hope happiness and love to you I’ll never forget. All other staff, doctors etc stay safe and continue to learn about individual patients and their needs.” • John”


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Bob Iannaco, Administrator

Whittier Health Network Bradford Rehabilitation HospitalBob Iannaco, PT Administrator Specialty: Rehabilitation Bob has been the Administrator of Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Bradford since May 1998. Before becoming the Administrator, Bob was the Director of...

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, Thank you to all the staff that worked so hard to make my stay safe healthy and effective.
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