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Founded by Family

Whittier Health Network was founded by Dr. Alfred L. Arcidi and his sons. Since 1982, this family-owned healthcare organization has been providing quality care of the highest caliber. Before founding Whittier, Dr. Arcidi had a vision of a healthcare delivery system that incorporated traditional family values in everyday practices. The guiding principle behind all care at Whittier is to treat patients as if they are family members.

At Whittier, every patient is treated with compassion, dignity & respect. The caring tradition established by the Arcidi family has resulted in unprecedented growth for the Whittier facilities and an unrivaled level of care for Whittier’s patients. Whittier provides comprehensive services of the highest caliber to thousands of patients daily while meeting their individualized needs with such sensitivity and compassion is a testament to the enduring strength of  “a family approach to rehabilitation.”

The mission of Whittier Health Network is to provide high quality, comprehensive medical care to all of its residents in a warm, compassionate, caring, “family” care setting. The network is composed of Acute Rehabilitation Hospitals, several subacute rehabilitation, long-term care facilities, long-term acute care services, and transitional care services.

At Whittier, our goal is to make sure patients have the freedom to make the choices that are important to them and their families.


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Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC)

Our hospitals in Bradford and Westborough
help patients who
have long-term,
complex acute, and chronic medical needs.

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Acute Rehabilitation

Our hospitals in Bradford and Westborough provide a wide array of intense rehabilitation services to facilitate independence and a safe discharge back to your home and community.

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Transitional Care Units

State-of-the-art Transitional Care Units facilities offer short term rehabilitation for patients needing post operative care to recover and return back home.

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Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our interdisciplinary team of professionals develop individual programs of rehabilitation for
short-term patients as well as restorative care
for long-term residents.

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Outpatient Services

Our highly trained rehabilitation staff in Bradford and Westborough offers hospital-based one-on-one therapy along with a wide range of specialized clinics and services.