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Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital is an acute rehabilitation hospital that is located in the Merrimack Valley to conveniently serve patients in the greater Boston MA area and throughout New England.

Our team of interdisciplinary professionals provides inpatient + outpatient rehabilitation, long-term acute care, and transitional care. Choose from our services to find out why we should be your only choice for rehabilitation in the Merrimack Valley!

We are proud to be certified by The Joint Commission for both our Pulmonary and Stroke Programs.

, Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford – Haverhill, MA

Whittier offers all levels of post-acute
inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services Since 1982

We are known for exceptional care that is tailored to the individual needs of each patient.
Our interdisciplinary team approach supports excellent outcomes, and we take great pride in our commitment to total patient care, professionalism, and respect, provided throughout the rehabilitation process.


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Inpatient Rehabilitation

Here at Bradford, we are equipped to provide complex medical treatments and procedures to patients who are acutely ill, have multiple complications and those who require specialty care and continuous monitoring, within our 35-bed LTACH unit.

Our 25-bed IRF unit is able to manage patients who require a more intense level of rehabilitation, which consists of 3 hours per day, up to 7 days per week.

Both our Pulmonary and Stroke programs are Joint Commission Certified.

Our Inpatient Services
  • TBI Program
  • Stroke/CVA Program
  • Amputation/Prosthetic/Orthotic Fitting
  • Orthopedic
  • Neurological
  • Pulmonary/Ventilator/Tracheostomy Care
  • Advanced Wound Care Management
  • Whittier Way
  • Whittier Aquatic
  • SCI
  • Cardiac
  • Pain Management
  • In-House Hemodialysis
  • Telemetry
  • PCA Pumps
  • Heparin Drip
  • IV Antibiotics/IV Steroids
  • Ostomy Care
  • Post-surgical drainage tubes
  • Enteral Nutrition
  • PICC/Midline/Port-a-cath
Our Inpatient Programs
  • Joint Commission Certified Inpatient Pulmonary Program
  • Wound Care Program
  • Acute Rehabilitation
  • Long Term Acute Rehabilitation

Inpatient Pulmonary Program

Joint Commission Certified

Our Mission: Provide interdisciplinary, individually tailored, comprehensive, and efficient care to patients with chronic pulmonary disease.

Assist patients and families in managing their disease or condition.

Promote active participation in decisions and lifestyle changes for success in self-management regimens.

Our Vision: To continue to be accredited as a center of excellence for pulmonary rehabilitation care.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Choose Whittier outpatient for your one to one therapy, our specialty clinics, and our aquatics program. Whether you are referred to us from your primary care physician, our inpatient rehab hospital, or home health agency, the outpatient center at Whittier can assist you with your therapy or medical needs.

Our Pulmonary and Stroke programs are both Joint Commission Certified.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Language
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Pediatrics
  • Neuro Day Rehabilitation
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Driving Evaluations
Our Outpatient Specialized Clinics
  • Wound Clinic
  • Memory Clinic
  • Prosthetic/Orthotic Clinic
  • Seating Clinic
  • Podiatry Clinic


Our Outpatient Programs
  • Neuro Day Rehabilitation Program
  • Joint Commission Certified Outpatient Stroke Program
  • Wound Care Program

Outpatient Stroke Program

Joint Commission Certified


Our Mission: Throughout the comprehensive stroke program, Whittier will partner with our community, local healthcare providers, area hospitals, and insurers to provide a high-quality program for stroke survivors to maximize recovery.

Our Vision: To enhance the lives of people who have experienced a stroke through our culture of hope and compassion. We will lead the community in providing superior stroke rehabilitation.

Specialty Care Designed for Medically Complex Patients

Our patients (elderly, disabled or acute cases of any age) are admitted following treatment in the traditional acute care hospital when they no longer require intensive diagnostic procedures. The care provided is more individualized and resource-intensive than what is provided in a sub-acute or skilled nursing facility.


Individualized Care Plans
Specialized Therapist Teams
Day to Day Function Re-Training

Joint Commission Deemed Status

The Joint Commission is a national accrediting organization that has been recognized by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), through a process called “deeming,” as having standards and a survey process that meet or exceed Medicare’s requirements.

What does “deemed” status mean?

Deemed status is a prestigious distinction that signifies that the hospital not only meets but exceeds standards set forth by both Joint Commission and CMS.

Our Pulmonary Program and Outpatient Stroke Programs are both certified under the Joint Commission Disease Specific certification standards.

, Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford – Haverhill, MA

Patient Testimonials

…every staff member we passed by on our way out stopped, and offered their well wishes to my mother as we departed. I’m glad we chose Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital for my mother’s rehabilitation portion of her recovery.

Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford Patient Testimonial⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital took really good care of my elderly mom during her time there. The case managers, doctors, nurses, therapists, & other staff were super friendly and...

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Our Team

Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital-Bradford is run by Administrator Bob Iannaco, Medical Director Dr. Paul Liguori and  Director of Nursing Services Heather Grondin.

Bob Iannaco, Administrator

Bob Iannaco, Administrator

Whittier Health Network Bradford Rehabilitation HospitalBob Iannaco, PT Administrator Specialty: Rehabilitation Bob has been the Administrator of Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Bradford since May 1998. Before becoming the Administrator, Bob was the Director of...

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Dr. Paul Liguori, MD, MRM, Medical Director

Dr. Paul Liguori, MD, MRM, Medical Director

Whittier Health Network Bradford Rehabilitation HospitalDr. Paul Liguori, MD, MRM Medical Director  Dr. Liguori earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the State University of NY at Buffalo School of Medicine. He completed his residency in physical medicine and...

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Heather Grondin, BSN, CCM, Director of Nursing Services

Heather Grondin, BSN, CCM, Director of Nursing Services

Whittier Health Network Bradford Rehabilitation HospitalHeather Grondin, BSN, CCM Director of Nursing Services  Heather graduated with her AS in Nursing in 2007. She attended a Nurse Residency Program and specialized in Cardiac and Critical Care. In 2014 she earned...

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Nita Pant, MD, Hospitalist

Nita Pant, MD, Hospitalist

Whittier Health Network Bradford Rehabilitation HospitalNita Pant, MD Hospitalist  Dr. Pant has over 34 years of experience in acute care hospital and LTAC rehabilitation settings, with a specialty in Internal Medicine. Nita Pant comes to Whittier with a reputation as...

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News + Updates

Senior nursing students from St. Thomas and St. Croix gained valuable clinical time in a continuation of the study abroad partnership between Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital-Bradford and the University of the Virgin Islands.

Senior nursing students from St. Thomas and St. Croix gained valuable clinical time in a continuation of the study abroad partnership between Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital-Bradford and the University of the Virgin Islands.

We were thrilled to welcome another group of UVI students to hone their nursing skills at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital-Bradford. Ten senior students and two instructors were at Whittier for clinical rotations from October 22nd to November 1st. This group was...

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, Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford – Haverhill, MA

Directions to Bradford Rehabilitation Hospital

From Route 495 N or S: Exit 106-R125 Ward Hill, Bradford onto Rt. 125 Connector. At the first set of lights turn left into the Ward Hill Business Park EAST, onto “Riverview Street, Ward Hill.” At the stop sign, proceed straight for 0.5 miles to 145 Ward Hill Avenue. Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital is on your left.  Directions


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We invite you to visit Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford to see our facility and services. Give us a call today at (978) 372-8000 to arrange your personal tour. Visit our facebook page too!

, Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford – Haverhill, MA

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, Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford – Haverhill, MA
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