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Masconomet Healthcare Center

Individualized healthcare and family values
Opening the doorways to functional and fulfilling lifestyles

Skilled Nursing Facility, Masconomet Healthcare Center Topsfield, MA

Skilled Nursing Facility, Masconomet Healthcare Center Topsfield, MA

Masconomet Center is a special place where virtually every healthcare need and desire is met.

This includes quality; comprehensive medical, nursing and rehabilitation care; beautiful facilities; air conditioning and a friendly staff of experts who exhibit the utmost respect and dignity. The atmosphere at Masconomet is warm and family like. Masconomet is a place that is easy to call “home.”

The professionals at Masconomet are dedicated to providing high quality long-term nursing and subacute care. It is our goal to open the doorways to a functional and fulfilling lifestyle for each and every one of our residents.

The facility is situated on lovely grounds in peaceful Topsfield, Massachusetts in a setting that has been described by residents as “pleasant and comfortable.” Masconomet offers elegant dining, social rooms and finely decorated living accommodations. In addition, the nursing and therapeutic services are second to none. Programs are comprehensive, offering residents the most modern, innovative therapies available.

Our Staff

Our professionals work 24-hours a day to provide the highest quality care. The staff represents a wide range of specialties, including physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, and nutritionists. Together they create a restorative program suited to individual needs and then work to maximize the potential of their patients each day of their stay.

Residents may choose to have their personal physician provide their care. However, if that is not possible, for whatever reason, our facility staff will assist in selecting a physician that meets the approval of the resident and their families.

A resident’s physician, in conjunction with our interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, will develop an individual program of restorative care for each resident. It is our goal to provide all of our residents with an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

We have built our reputation on our quality nursing, medical and therapeutic team. The care and services they provide not only meet but surpass state and federal guidelines.

Admission Criteria
• Age 22 or older
• Persons with a significant change in functional status resulting from a medical problem or problems.
• Persons who are medically stable and able to participate in rehabilitation activity.

We accept admission from all healthcare facilities
• Emergency Rooms
• Physicians Office
• Acute Care Hospitals
• Home

Available Services
• IV Therapy (central lines)
• Wound Management
• Respiratory Therapy
• Physical Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Speech Language Therapy
• Medication Monitoring
• Patient Teaching
• Discharge Planning
• Nutrition Counseling
• Podiatry Services
• Dental Services
• Optometry Services
Rehabilitation Program
The rehabilitation program is led by a physician who specializes in rehabilitation and physical medicine. The physician has an interdisciplinary group of highly trained and motivated specialists to round out the team – physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, cognitive therapists, rehabilitation nurses, social workers, therapeutic recreational specialists and nutritionists.

All rehabilitation programs are individually tailored to ensure success. We strive for healthy outcomes. That means using every possible form of effective therapy to accelerate and maximize every resident’s rehabilitation potential.

Rehabilitation programs range from intensive one-on-one therapy sessions to group sessions. This includes a variety of support groups which allow residents the opportunity to learn more about their condition, share experiences with others, discuss concerns and build lasting friendships.

Intravenous and Central Line Program
For some patients, intravenous antibiotic therapy is the most effective treatment for fighting infection. For those patients whose physicians have prescribed intravenous antibiotics as part of their healthcare program, an IV and Central Line program is offered which allows them to continue their therapy in the comfort of our facility.

Residents are always busy, if they choose to be. A representative from the activities department greets each resident at the time of admission to discuss personal interests and hobbies. While at the facility, patients can be involved in their favorite pastimes, and meet others with similar interests.

Arts and crafts, physical fitness programs and discussion groups are all coordinated through the activities department. There are also tea socials, ice cream parties and cookouts. Outings away from the facility are also scheduled.

In addition to our activities room, there is also a music room which features a grand piano, an activities room, a library and an entertainment room.

How to Make a Referral

Referrals can be made by contacting Masconomet Healthcare Center directly. Please refer to the list below for insurances accepted. If you want to confirm insurance information on Masconomet Healthcare Center, please call the facility directly at (978) 887-7002.

Medicare and Insurances Accepted

We accept most Medicare, Medicaid, workers compensation and insurance plans, including a wide range of major HMO’s and PPO’s, including, but not limited to:

• Medicare
• Workers Compensation
• AETNA/US Healthcare
• Anthem BC
• Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MA
CIGNA/Healthsource MA/NH
• Fallon Community Health Plan
• Focus Healthcare
• Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
• Holland Compcare
• Neighborhood Health Plan
• Tufts Associated Health Plan
• Unicare (GIC Indemnity)
• United Payors/United Providers

Religious Services & Support Groups
We recognize that the spiritual needs of our residents are very important. Religious services are held on-site and clergy of different faiths visit regularly.

Support meetings are available for family members of residents. These group discussions and activities allow families to share thoughts and feelings and learn from others who have loved ones in similar situations.

Patient support groups are also held regularly. Here residents can learn more about their disability, discuss concerns, share experiences and more.

Patient Testimonials

The staff brought joy and laughter to my mother even as the disease took its toll, they also supported me throughout this difficult process. They are a team of gifted individuals who will always hold a special place in my heart…they are angels on this earth.

Masconomet Healthcare Center Patient Testimonial  "My mother was a resident at Masconomet for the past 4 1/2 years. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the outstanding and compassionate care that we received throughout my mother’s stay/illness. You have an...

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Our Team

Masconomet Healthcare Center is run by Administrator Brook Griffin and a team of dedicated, compassionate healthcare professionals.

Brook Griffin, NHA, Administrator

Brook Griffin, NHA, Administrator

Masconomet Healthcare Center Brook Griffin, NHA Administrator, Masconomet Healthcare Center Brook joined Whittier in 2013 and has been an Administrator with the company since 2016, devoting her leadership abilities and passion for quality care to several of Whittier’s...

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Brenda Miller, Senior Admissions Coordinator

Brenda Miller, Senior Admissions Coordinator

Masconomet Healthcare CenterBrenda Miller Senior Admissions Coordinator, Masconomet Healthcare Center Brenda Miller received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Regis College in 1983. After an extensive career in Retail Marketing and Management, Brenda joined Masconomet...

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News + Updates

Conditions and Visitation at Masconomet Healthcare Center

As of May 24, Masconomet Healthcare Center has 0 confirmed cases of COVID-19. In addition, Masconomet Healthcare Center has had 0 clusters of three or more residents/staff with new onset of respiratory symptoms within 72 hours of each other. CURRENT STATUS:Visitation...

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Why Masconomet was Beyond Malva Crothers’ Expectations

Why Masconomet was Beyond Malva Crothers’ Expectations

Malva Crothers, a patient at Masconomet Healthcare Center, is recovering from various hip surgeries. Masconomet is her fourth rehabilitation facility in two years, as some of the other area facilities she spent time at did not meet her expectations. “I was at one...

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Skilled Nursing Facility, Masconomet Healthcare Center Topsfield, MA

Directions to Masconomet Healthcare Center

From Route 95 North: Take exit 70 onto Rte. 1 North. Follow Rte. 1 North for 2.8 miles. Take a right onto Route 97 East. Masconomet is on the right.

From 95 South: From Rte. 95 South, take Exit 76A. Follow Rte. 97 East. As Rte. 97 bears to the left at the Congregational Church of Topsfield. Rte. 97 is also known as High St. Follow Rte. 97 across Rte. 1 and Masconomet Healthcare Center is on your right.

From 1 North: From Rte. 1 North to Rte. 97 East (also known as High St.)

From 1 South: From Rte. 1 South to Rte. 97 East (also known as High St.)


Visitation Hours and Information

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We invite you to visit Masconomet Healthcare Center. Call us at (978) 887-7002 to arrange a tour of our facility. Visit our facebook page too!

Skilled Nursing Facility, Masconomet Healthcare Center Topsfield, MA

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Skilled Nursing Facility, Masconomet Healthcare Center Topsfield, MA

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