As of October 13, Masconomet Healthcare Center has 0 confirmed cases of COVID-19. 


All COVID negative, COVID recovered, and newly admitted residents with no known or suspected COVID exposure may have in-person visitation which will occur in designated indoor or outdoor visitation spaces or in the resident’s room. The designated location of these visits will be determined by the facility, subject to the conditions within the facility, the safety and health of the residents and the visitors, and current DPH Guidelines.

All visitors must enter through the main entrance to be screened. Upon successful completion of the screening, visitors will be directed to the appropriate visitation site. All visitors and residents (as they are able to do so) must wear face masks for the duration of the visit.

The facility is currently allowing residents who are fully vaccinated to be visited by loved ones who are also fully vaccinated (meaning 14 days after receiving the final required does of a vaccine) in their rooms if either: (1) the resident resides in a private room; or (2) the resident’s roommate is also fully vaccinated. Children who are not of age to be vaccinated, like all others who are not vaccinated, may not visit a resident in the resident’s room. They must have their visits in a designated space.

If the resident or visitor has not been vaccinated, indoor visitation will be held in the Music room.

In addition to indoor visitation, the facility offers outdoor visits dependent upon weather, availability of outdoor space and the health and well-being of the resident.

The facility will continue to accommodate compassionate care visits for residents, regardless of vaccination and outbreak status, when appropriate. Compassionate care visits include end of life care as well as certain other situations.

As before, per DPH guidelines, visitation can be modified if there is an employee or resident in the facility who is suspected to have COVID-19 or confirmed to have COVID-19.  Whittier continues to post the status of COVID cases in the facility on our website at