As of November 7, Port Healthcare Center has 0 confirmed cases of COVID-19. In addition, Port Healthcare Center has had 0 clusters of three or more residents/staff with new onset of respiratory symptoms within 72 hours of each other.

Visitation hours are daily, seven days a week, from 8am to 8pm.
Visitors can contact the facility to make arrangements outside of recommended visitor hours if needed.

Effective May 11, 2023 the Public Health Emergency ends. Please be advised of the following visitation changes:

• Face masks are NOW OPTIONAL and are no longer required to wear in our Skilled Nursing Facility.

• We will resume Universal Precautions in patient care settings. Any patient or resident who requires “modified” precautions will have a sign outside their room identifying the specific personal protective equipment (PPE) that individuals are required to wear prior to entering the room. Please adhere to these guidelines.

• All staff and visitors should be self-monitoring for any type of illness before deciding to visit a patient or resident and refrain from visiting if symptomatic.