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, Nemasket is fortunate to have Darrin (a special nurse) in your employ and so are we.

Dear Irina, I am writing this letter on behalf of my husband, Charlie…he was eventually transferred to Nemasket. While there, Darrin was primarily his nurse…Charlie always told me what wonderful care Darrin gave him and how much respect he had for him as a nurse. There is not enough gratitude from Charlie to Darrin for saving his life. Nemasket is fortunate to have Darrin (a special nurse) in your employ and so are we. Thank you for the wonderful care he has been given at Nemasket.

  • Sincerely, Charlie + Martha


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Nemasket Healthcare Center’s Staff

Kelly Valenzuela, NHA, MBA, Administrator

Nemasket Healthcare Center Kelly Valenzuela, NHA, MBA Administrator, Nemasket Healthcare Center Kelly Valenzuela received her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2010, and has been in the management field since...

Traci Aubin, OTR/L, Corporate Director of Business Development

Whittier Health NetworkTraci Aubin, OTR/L Corporate Director of Business Development Specialty: Strategic Analyst for Business Development with Clinical expertise; Community Marketing; Admissions; Patient and Family advocate with a focus on customer service. Traci...

Jill Parker, RN, Director of Nursing Services

Nemasket Healthcare Center Jill Parker, RN Director of Nursing Services, Nemasket Healthcare Center Jill graduated from a PN program in 2013 and worked as an LPN for six years. The majority of those six years were spent working in long-term care and short-term...

Kelly Lygren, LSW, Director of Social Services

Nemasket Healthcare Center Kelly Lygren, LSW Director of Social Services, Nemasket Healthcare Center Kelly Lygren received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Fisher College in 2014, and has worked in the geriatric field in various roles since then. Kelly has...

Margaret Dumont, RN, Case Manager

Nemasket Healthcare CenterMargaret (Peg) Dumont, RN Case Manager, Nemasket Healthcare Center Margaret Dumont graduated from Saint Vincent’s Hospital School of Nursing in 1984 with her RN. She joined Whittier Health Network in 2020 as Clinical Nurse Manager before...

Eloise M. Armstrong, LPN, Clinical Nurse Liaison

Nemasket Healthcare Center Eloise M. Armstrong, LPN, Clinical Nurse Liaison Admissions Nurse Liaison, Nemasket Healthcare Center Eloise graduated from Bristol Plymouth Technical School in 1981 with her LPN. She joined Whittier Health Network in 2008 as the Clinical...

Maria Labelle, Admissions Coordinator

Nemasket Healthcare Center Maria Labelle Admissions Coordinator, Nemasket Healthcare Center Maria was hired with Whittier Health Network as a CNA at Sippican Healthcare Center in 2010. In 2013, she changed roles and became the Case Manager Assistant and was cross...

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…every staff member we passed by on our way out stopped, and offered their well wishes to my mother as we departed. I’m glad we chose Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital for my mother’s rehabilitation portion of her recovery.

Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Bradford Patient Testimonial⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital took really good care of my elderly mom during her time there. The case managers, doctors, nurses, therapists, & other staff were super friendly and...

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, Nemasket is fortunate to have Darrin (a special nurse) in your employ and so are we.

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