We recently spoke with Physical Therapist Cristian Jimenez about his passion in working with older adults and why working with such a close team at Whittier makes a difference.

How many years have you been at Whittier?
I have been at Whittier for ten years, with seven of those years as a physical therapist. I began as a volunteer, assisting the therapists in the outpatient department. At the time, I needed to acquire observation hours to apply for physical therapy school. I had heard great things about Whittier, so I applied to become a volunteer. After volunteering, I was employed as a rehab assistant in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. This experience helped me to get into physical therapy school (and helped solidify that pursuing my dream to become a PT was the right choice for me).

When I graduated with my doctorate in physical therapy from UMASS Lowell, I knew Whittier was the only place where I wanted to work! I interviewed with Laurie Faust Lemire, who hired me ten years ago—and we are still working together on the same team today. 

What is your area of specialty in PT?
I have no specific specialty certifications, but working with the geriatric population is my passion. Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed interacting with my older family members. I appreciate the wisdom and knowledge they share with me. As a therapist, I enjoy making a difference in their lives. Nothing makes me happier than helping the elderly regain their independence!

What type of patients do you work with?
I work in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. I work with a diverse population of patients and treat various orthopedic, neurological, pulmonary, and medically complex patients of all ages. 

Do you feel you get a level of experience at Whittier not found elsewhere?
Yes. I believe the patients we treat at Whittier often have a higher medical complexity compared to other clinics and facilities. Treating these patients challenges you as a therapist and makes you a much more well-rounded clinician. We also offer a variety of cutting-edge medical and therapeutic  equipment that other facilities may not have that can assist us in optimally treating and challenging our patients.

What do you enjoy most about the PT team at Whittier?
I believe we have a group of PTs that are highly skilled, compassionate, hardworking and dedicated. I enjoy working with my team because we support each other and are like one big family!

What are your thoughts on professional development and certifications that can be gained at Whittier?
Just working at Whittier offers an opportunity to gain experience towards progressing your professional development. They encourage and support their therapists in attending continuing education courses, and they also offer continuing education courses at the facility. Whittier will also financially assist and support you in pursuing a specialty certification.

What would you say to recent graduates about considering a career at Whittier?
If you want to get a unique level of experience in a variety of settings, all in one location, and work with a supportive team, then Whittier is the best place to work!

We’re expanding our team of physical therapists.

At Whittier, we’re looking for enthusiastic physical therapists to join our team in our inpatient and outpatient settings. See why our patients rate us at 4.8 stars.

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