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, They do a fantastic job representing Whittier Home Health Care

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I would like to thank all the fine professionals that came to my home and to help me with my recovery. They were very helpful and had the knowledge and awareness to better my health. Being aware of my needs for a better home environment, plus the skills I would need to better my life.

I always looked forward to Sandy Basiliere and Sandy Daskey coming to help me get stronger. They would teach me little tricks to help me with my daily activities. My thanks to Susan Dadgle for pushing me to do exercises.

I would also like to thank Dawn Stroh and Michelle Trull, my visiting nurses, for the care that I received.

You should be proud of these terrific people, because they do a fantastic job representing Whittier Home Health Care.

Thank you so much!

  • Marilyn Quigley


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, They do a fantastic job representing Whittier Home Health Care

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