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My mother was admitted to Masconomet after a serious illness. During her 83-day stay, she received excellent and compassionate care. The Nursing, Physical Therapists (PT), Occupational Therapists (OT) along with administrative teams treated her with respect and dignity, and they brought her to a level where she could transfer to an Assisted Living facility in her hometown. The staff made it a point to keep us up to date on my mother’s progress. There were periodic teleconference team meetings with subject matter experts from Nursing, PT, OT, and administration all coordinated by Beth Roberts (Director of Social Services). In all cases, the team acted with the utmost professionalism and empathy. My mother was part of the meetings so she could provide her input, and she was always very positive about her care.In addition to excellent healthcare, the staff demonstrated their willingness to adjust to special circumstances. When there was a death in our family, they allowed an unscheduled in-person visit with my mother rather than notifying her over the phone. Although it was difficult news to absorb, she had one of her daughters there to comfort her. On a happier note, when her grandson got married, the staff made special accommodations to allow her to view the wedding live over the internet. She was thrilled to participate virtually in this momentous event. My mother and I are truly grateful for the exceptional care she received at Masconomet. – Dennis Morrison


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