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, Thank you for being so kind and taking care of me during my recent stay at Whittier

Thank You!

Dear Scarlet,

I want to personally thank you for being so kind and taking care of me during my recent stay at Whittier. You made everything brighter and I was always so happy when you would walk into the room. When I first got there I hated having to bother anyone so I could use the bathroom, but you never made me feel I was being a bother. You would always call me Mama, which I know is a sign of respect in the Spanish culture. I never had children, but If I had, I would have liked having a daughter exactly like you. Your family should be very proud of you and I am sure they do not realize all you do to help your patients. You always do the best you can possibly do on your shift. You should be given recognition by your bosses.

I wish you happiness all the days of your life for the joy and kindness you gave to me and bless you and all of your family. I hope God is always good to you.


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    Bob Iannaco, Administrator

    Whittier Health Network Bradford Rehabilitation HospitalBob Iannaco, PT Administrator Specialty: Rehabilitation Bob has been the Administrator of Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Bradford since May 1998. Before becoming the Administrator, Bob was the Director of...

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    , Thank you for being so kind and taking care of me during my recent stay at Whittier

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