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Mr. Iannacco, this letter is to express my gratitude and thanks for the care I received at Whittier.

As I prepare to depart tomorrow, I am reflecting on my stay which began at the end of June. Your staff in PT and OT did a great job of making me stronger and improving my balance so I can return home to continue my recovery. I want to commend Kaylee Giard , Katie Roberts and Christine Emery especially for the training and guidance they provided. They showed me the path to full recovery. I’m grateful for their help. Dr. Murdoch is a strong and positive supporter as well. Everyone at Whittier is supportive and positive. I greatly benefited from my stay. Your people helped me navigate a difficult time in my life. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.
•John R. M.


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Whittier Health Network Traci Aubin, OTR/L Corporate Director of Business Development Specialty: Strategic Analyst for Business Development with Clinical expertise; Community Marketing; Admissions; Patient and Family advocate with a focus on customer service. Traci...

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